"I came up with the concept for The Upper Deck Company in the summer of 1987, created and founded the company over the next 6 months and was delivering product in the following year. During that time it was important to me to acquire a support team to include a Banker, an Attorney and a CPA that I would be able to trust implicitly and explicitly. I asked my friends and associates for the names of 3 people in each of these categories and I interviewed all nine of them. For a CPA I chose Joseph Weisz. Criteria I used were personality, command and knowledge of subject, integrity and toughness, including handshake style.

I had been audited in the past and figured I would be audited in the future. I had to have an individual that I could trust fully in his or her capabilities in dealing with the intricacies of the financial world, having command of the latest and most up to date information, and the ability to not be intimidated by the myriads of bombardments of inefficient, non-compliant and uneducated attempts to disrupt my work at hand.

I sold The Upper Deck Company in 1998 and have had several other successful businesses from Fine Lithography in Lithocraft, Anaheim CA to Book Publishing, The Donovan Publishing Company in Newport Beach, CA, and Custom Homebuilding, Pacific Coast Homebuilders along the Pacific Coast in California.

Joseph Weisz not only has the ability to put the government "authorities" at bay but, also has and does fulfill my criteria mentioned above, which enables me to continue my work with that ease of mind so desired when operating a successful organization."

Paul Sumner Sumner Enterprises

"Having met Joe Weisz in 1974, immediately after the conclusion of that year's tax season, I can personally attest to the diligence and accuracy of work produced by Weisz & Weisz CPA's Inc. Thus, for more than thirty-five years, I am in the unique position to attest to Joe Weisz's fine ability to not only provide sound financial advice, but to oversee and provide the work product to enable not only myself, (but clients which I referred to Joe's accounting firm), enjoy a stronger financial future.

I can state unequivalently, that I owe a great thanks to Joe Weisz and his dedicated CPA staff who participated in creating work product bearing the name of Weisz & Weisz CPA's Inc.... Everyone should be so very fortunate to have a CPA of the caliber of Joe Weisz, leading and guiding his dedicated team known as Weisz & Weisz CPA's Inc".

Jim W.Small Business Owner

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